Workshop on Fundamental Aspects of X-ray Spectroscopies
FXS-2017 - October 9, 10 & 11 2017 - Utrecht


Practical information


You are very welcome to participate.

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There is no conference fee.


  Monday October 9: spectral shape analysis    
9.00-10.40 K edge  - physics    
  John Rehr, David Prendergast, Delphine Cabaret, Eric Shirley, Keith Gilmore    
11.00-12.40 K edge  - chemistry    
  Lars Pettersson, Patrick Norman, Barbara Brena, Nick Besley, Niri Govind    
14.00-15.30 L edge part 1    
  Maurits Haverkort, Robert Green, Atsushi Hariki, Yaroslav Khvashnin    
16.00-17.40 L edge part 2    
  Tom Regier, Michael Odelius, Oliver Kuhn, Hidekazu Ikeno, Harry Ramanantoanina    
  Tuesday October 10:     
9.00 - 10.30 Non-dipole transitions    
  Hao Tjeng, Simo Huotari, Steve Collins, Christoph Jacob, Elisa Costantini    
11.00- 13.00 Photon-in photon-out (RIXS)    
  Pieter Glatzel, Myrtille Hunault, Philippe Wernet, Kurt Kummer, Jeroen van den Brink, Di-Jing Huang    
14.00-15.30 Angular dependence and dichroism    
Amelie Juhin, Hebatalla Elnaggar, Gerrit van der Laan, Philippe Sainctavit,
16.00-18.00 Time-resolved experiments and non-linear response    
  Michel van Veenendaal, Tom Penfold, Sonia Coriani,
Piter Miedema, Yu Zhang, Thomas Kroll,
  Wednesday October 11: software and interfaces     
9.00-12.00 Marius Retegan, Mario Delgado, Patric Zimmerman,    

Local committee

Federica Frati, Hebatalla Elnaggar, Ru-pan Wang, Patric Zimmermann, 
Marte van der Linden, Ties Haarman, Ahmed Ismail, Mahnaz Ghiasi, 

Frank de Groot (Utrecht)