Charge Transfer Multiplet Course 
PSI SLS, Villigen, 27 February 2007

Here you can download the CTM programs plus the inputfiles and the manual for the Charge Transfer Multiplet Course.

The computer-program (4MB):
The powerpoint files of the course(8MB): sls
The manual in PDF format(3MB): sls PDF
Some references as PDF files(10MB):

For more information, see my homepage
Information on the workshop can be found at the PSI website

Medio 2007, a 600 page book on core level spectroscopy with emphasis on the charge transfer multiplet calculations will appear:
Core Level Spectroscopy of Solids  
Frank de Groot and Akio Kotani (Taylor & Francis CRC press, 2007)

See the Taylor & Francis website

If have a question concerning the program and/or you would like a spectrum to be calculated please contact me by email at