CTM4XAS version 5.5 is the old interface for the simulation of XAS of 3d and 4d transition metal ions.
In addition to XAS, it can also be used for XPS, XES and to calculate the matric elements for RIXS.
The interface only works for the RCG-RAC-BAN multiplet program  (Theo Thole).

The interface is made by Eli Stavitski.


  1. Download the RCG-RAC-BAN program: cowan.zip
    Make sure that there is a path c:cowan/batch
    RCG-RAC-BAN works only on windows.

  2. Download the Matlab runtime library: MCRinstaller.zip
    Note that this a different version as used in CTM4XAS61.

  3. Download the CTM4XAS interface: CTM4XAS55.zip
    unzip the files

You now can start the calculations by running the executable CTM4XAS55.exe

In case of questions send an email to f.m.f.degroot@uu.nl