CTM4RIXS is the old interface for the plotting of the RIXS planes and cross sections,
using the matrix elements calculated by CTM4XAS..
The interface only works for the RCG-RAC-BAN multiplet program  (Theo Thole).

The interface is made by Eli Stavitski.


  1. Download the RCG-RAC-BAN program: cowan.zip
    Make sure that there is a path c:cowan/batch
    RCG-RAC-BAN works only on windows.

  2. Download the Matlab runtime library: MCRinstaller.zip
    Note that this a different version as used in CTM4XAS61.

  3. Download the CTM4XAS interface: CTM4RIXS010.zip
    unzip the files

You now can start the calculations by running the executable CTM4RIXS.exe

In case of questions send an email to f.m.f.degroot@uu.nl